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Attendees at my talks say I am an engaging, dynamic, and thought-provoking speaker. As a thought-provoking speaker, I focus on areas practitioners frequently overlook—encouraging my audience to investigate topics further.

I’m available to give any of my talks at a conference or a workshop.

Manage UX Iterative Loops with Good Evaluation

UX activities are collaborative efforts by designers and developers that seek to meet users’ needs while achieving business goals. These activities involve multiple iterations, leading to a continuous loop that may sometimes make teams less efficient. Although most UX activities are led by designers, poorly managed iterations not only impact designers but also the workflow/results of application developers. This talk will focus on managing iterations by validating feedback based on UX heuristics. During this talk, an exploration of a case study will demonstrate how good iteration management reduces burnout, allowing additional time for development.

The Experience in UX Design

The term 'experience' quantifies customer interactions with products or services. To optimize experiences, UX designers employ diverse models, processes, and tools to enhance these experiences; however, some designers fail to grasp the essence of the experience construct. This talk aims to motivate designers to delve deeper into the experience construct. It showcases the evolution of UX models and examines the key components shaping an experience. Additionally, it advocates for designers to comprehend emotions, emphasizing how this understanding can transform them into better designers.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem-solving is a powerful approach for discovering inventive solutions that extend beyond system design--finding relevance in diverse facets of life. Yet, some of the activities involved in creative problem-solving may seem overwhelming for individuals. This talk leverages concepts in psychology to delve deeper into divergent and convergent thinking, incorporating psychology concepts such as norms, risk-taking, and incubation, along with activities from system design to present a holistic model. This talk also includes a demonstration of a use case of the model and how the model improves problem-solving within our daily lives.